• 03/26/2014

    Surviving without a car, without supermarkets, without power, heating or running water? Impossible? Greta Taubert wanted to find out for herself and dared an experiment: For one year she tried to live as self-sufficiently as possible. 

  • 03/25/2014

    In the tug-of-war between techno-enthusiasm and digital disenfranchisement, the forces are changing strength. Sara Spiekermann argues for a society in which the use of technology and the desire for privacy can be united.

  • 03/21/2014

    Do you know where you have been last may? Well, we do. Take a good look, are you in or not? File under: anticipation through flashback...

  • 03/20/2014

    In line with the Science Lab @ re:publica, hosted in co-operation with the Wissenschaftsjahr 2014, a Youth Science Hack Day will take place on the weekend prior to #rp14.

  • 03/17/2014

    The Amish Futurist is on a quest of meaning in a world full of digital temptations.  Her talk “Merchants of Destiny – Confronting Techno-Optimism” doesn’t preach technology abstinence but rather a refocusing on analogue values.

  • 03/13/2014

    The 2014 Year of Science - Digital Society has teamed up with re:publica. We are pleased to engage with the framework by presenting Science Lab: An Open Science - Sub-conference and the Youth Science Hack Day. The Call for Papers for the sub-conference starts today.

  • 03/11/2014

    ​You are a coder and want to test your skills on a mobile app? Then we invite you to come and implement our event programme data into a #rp14 app.

  • 03/11/2014

    For our joint opening event together with MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin we’ve invited a team that usually howls at official invitations and, instead, has become internationally renowned for their unsolicited appearances: The Yes Men!

  • 03/10/2014

    Saskia Sassen defined the term “Global Cities” and we are very pleased to welcome her to re:publica 2014! 

  • 03/07/2014

    What is the truth behind Berlin’s digital community? What’s going on, what’s hot, where is the future headed? Find out at our free Webinar on Berlin's Booming Digital Economy!

  • 03/06/2014

    In 2010 he held the opening re:publica, last year he had to unexpectedly cancel his Berlin visit, but this year he is back with us: Evgeny Morozov, our favourite internet critic.

  • 03/05/2014

    A wild and less predictable web of the future also means stepping back from the “logical” and “foreseeable” and moving closer to unpredictability and irrationality.