• 04/30/2018
    An Interview with Andreas Gebhard, Jeannine Koch and Alexandra Wolf.
  • 07/26/2017

    From standing in the ring with a gladiator, to visiting the Auschwitz concentration camps – just by donning a pair of VR googles, you could walk through a whole range of virtual scenarios at re:publica. But what is permitted in virtual space, and what isn't? A review.

  • 06/30/2017

    What challenges does the shift in media carry with it? For the fourth year in a row now, the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin took place in cooperation with re:publica and offered media makers a platform for exchanging ideas.

  • 06/19/2017

    Industry 4.0, big data, digital leadership, Internet of Things, digital transformation – the stream of buzzwords is endless. The Business & Work track discussed to which extent new technologies really are changing the world of work, and what effects on daily life within the work context. A look back. 

  • 06/09/2017

    Lights out, re:publica 2017 on. A look back at the re:publica track. 

  • 06/07/2017

    Laser your own speakers or make your necklace and its 3D-printed pendant glow? Get your own personal message on a bag, so that it can be carried out into the world? As crazy as some of these examples may sound, they all became a reality within the scope of the #FASHIONTECH LAB BERLIN at the #rp17 Makerspace.

  • 06/06/2017

    The relationship between science and fiction, technology and utopia, was the subject of many sessions at the re:publica. Speakers and visitors put their heads together to come up with strategies on how to bring the visions of science and fiction closer to a broader audience.

  • 05/31/2017

    For five years now, it’s been all about getting hands on at the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) makerspace: upcycling workshops and a mobile makerspace were just some of the GIG highlights at re:publica 2017. 

  • 05/23/2017

    Podcasts, blogs and vlogs: the alternatives to the classic media formats have long established themselves as serious competition for commercial and public broadcasting. The re:blog track discussed the possibilities and formats on offer and why they still haven’t realised their full potential. A review.

  • 05/18/2017

    Electrodes in the head, sensors in the vagina and always the fear of data theft: in the track re:health, speakers talk about the opportunities and threats of digitalisation for our health. A re:view.

  • 05/13/2017

    Where is digital education headed? The re:learn track was wholly focused on this question – at the intersection between digitalisation and education, teaching and learning. A look back.

  • 05/10/2017

    Humans and corals are more similar than previously thought; and for humans, food is a vital but underestimated resource. Two projects, one artist.