Defining sustainability for digital fashion

Kim Berndt, Anna Franziska Michel, Tim Devlin, Max Gilgenmann

Can fashion help to co-create healthy hybrid lifestyles? Fashion today is mostly seen as a product or as a global industry. But fashion is also culture and an everyday mirror of societal challenges and developments. And fashion is the mother of all influencers.
Stage 3
Panel discussion
Live Übersetzung

Thanks to current the digitisation of value chains and the increasing digitalisation of our lives fashion is experiencing a historic opportunity to reinvent itself as a cultural force for societal progress and to liberate itself from economic growth based on ecological and social exploitation.

Together we will look into fashion as a product — and how it performs as digital or hybrid designs. We will talk about the benefits and backlashes of a digitised fashion and textile industry. And finally we will try to evaluate how fashion can become a trendsetter for sustainability and support our global society with positive inspirational visions for a digital physical hybrid world worth aspiring to.

We are very happy to host this sneak peak into the future of fashion — a very digital future with many open questions around it’s cultural, societal and overall impact on glocal goals like the UNs 17 Sustainable Development Goals as well as the infamous goal of 1.5 degree global warming.

Kim Berndt - Co-Founder/Creative Director @Studio.fbx
Digital Fashion Specialist & Co-Founder
Tim Devlin
Experienced Technologist and Collaborative Digital Innovator
creative strategies, networking and communication with/in fashion, sustainability and innovation
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