What is CASH when everything is for free? In the context of open-source hardware

Miriam Gradel, Paola Zanchetta

By making product development free, decentralised and available for all, open-source hardware has the potential to radically improve social structures, economies and sustainable development long-term. Let's free up human creativity - Join this hands-on session to explore the dynamics of value exchange beyond money in open-source product development
Hands On

Product designers, entrepreneurs, CFOs and everyone in-between are invited to explore value-creation in open-source hardware. Taking note of current systemic and economic challenges faced by hardware businesses and designers, participants will be introduced to ideas and learnings from the EU Horizon 2020 project OPENNEXT, and via the project's OSH Ecosystem Toolkit explore barriers and opportunities for value exchange beyond money.

In groups and with a ready-made product idea at hand, participants will journey through the toolkit and explore new and familiar types of value, as well as ways in which they can be exchanged between the business, designers, customers, collaborators and more. Meet with like-minded humans, break beyond the limitations of your own creativity and explore the open and collaborative future of product creation.

This session is led by Industrial Designer and Innovation Consultant at IdeasForChange, Paola Zanchetta, and journalist and former Communication Lead on the EU H2020 open-source hardware project OPENNEXT, Miriam Gradel.