BGE – the federal company for radioactive waste disposal

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what we do

BGE makes the safe disposal of radioactive waste possible and thus contributes to the protection of people and the environment. This includes the retrieval of the radioactive waste from the Asse mine, the decommissioning of the Morsleben repository and the commissioning of the Konrad repository. This also includes the selection of the best possible location for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste and a product control that ensures that only approved waste packages are stored.

(digital) communication on the search for a repository site – what have we learnt?

In a panel discussion, we would like to discuss with you, a youth worker and the chair of the citizens’ initiative Lüchow-Dannenberg (Gorleben), how good communication between citizens and the state works and what we have learnt during the corona pandemic. What worked well? What went amiss? And – which requests and suggestions for improvement considering the communication between citizens and the state do you have for the future?

we have to talk

In the Expo Area, we are looking forward to controversial discussions with you. You can pay a virtual visit to the German repository mines with vr headsets and check out which areas come into consideration as a possible repository site. We could also start a handwritten exchange – either you write to us, or we give you an individually crafted postcard to take with you.


(Digitale) Kommunikation zur Endlagersuche – Was haben wir gelernt?

Dagmar Dehmer, Svenja Faßbinder, Martin Donat

Wie funktioniert gute Kommunikation zwischen Bürger*innen und Staat? Was haben wir durch Corona gelernt? Welche Wünsche für die Kommunikation (zur Endlagersuche) gibt es? Mit euch diskutieren Martin Donat von der Bürgerinitiative Lüchow-Dannenberg, die Jugendpflegerin Svenja Faßbinder und Dagmar Dehmer von der Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung.
Stage 2
Panel discussion