Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training


#BIBB is a globally renowned centre of excellence for vocational education and training in Germany. Whatever way the wind is blowing, research, policy consultancy, pilot projects and further development of initial and continuing education and training all combine to make sure that skilled workers are perfectly equipped for the labour market of the future.

Making the transformation to sustainability whilst taking account of the technological shift and of digital possibilities in a globalised world can only succeed if the right foundations are laid during training. Sustainability in vocational education and training also involves embracing equal opportunities, inclusion, integration and international cooperation. Disruptive and continuous change leads to the emergence of new occupations. It also brings about alterations within the various occupational fields and results in the modernisation of traditional training occupations. Discussions, small-scale project work and debates will be taking place at the stand, in LightningTalks and in the MakerSpace together with #GOVET and #EPALE.

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Ghana beyond aid

Constance Elizabeth Swaniker

Most African countries have come to the realization of the need for them to wean themselves off from international development aid. How is general education and technical and vocational education and training an element of this progress?
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