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Transformation must be shaped: socially and ecologically, democratically, co-determined and fairly. As the co-determination, study and research support organization of the German Trade Union Confederation, we therefore always ask: Who has a say? Who decides? Are the burdens distributed fairly? How do we increase opportunities for all?

Our program contributions this year are all about "justice": we take a look at the living and working conditions of people in global supply chains and shed light on whether and how digital tools and algorithmic prediction actually lead to better compliance with social standards in practice. We also ask what role cash - money - actually plays in the transformation towards a climate-neutral way of working, living and doing business, and discuss what contribution the introduction of a wealth tax could make to financing the transformation.

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The Hans Böckler Foundation is the co-determination, study and research funding organization of the German Trade Union Confederation. We want to improve social and economic conditions so that everyone can live in dignity and benefit equally from the opportunities of a democratic society. To this end, we use scientific research to develop orientation and action knowledge for advising and supporting trade unions, works councils, staff councils and supervisory boards as well as political decision-makers to improve the social and economic situation of employees and their families.

With our scientific institutes, we also conduct our own research and support third-party research projects. The foundation's research funding and in-house research have a strong practical focus, aim to transfer knowledge to trade union and company work, and are intended to contribute to the academic debate.

Robin Hood reloaded: Welche Rolle können Vermögenssteuern in der sozial-ökologischen Transformation spielen?

Ulrich Klüh, Amela Skrijelj

Der Klimawandel und der rapide Verlust biologischer Vielfalt erfordern eine radikale Kehrtwende in der Wirtschaftspolitik. Doch wer soll das bezahlen? Und wie gehen wir damit um, dass besonders vermögende Menschen besonders stark zum Klimawandel beitragen? Kann eine Vermögenssteuer vielleicht beide Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen?
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Global Supply Chains - Digital Tools Between Empowerment And Control

Sabrina Zajak, Akhil C S, Leonhard Dobusch, Lisa Basten

New legislations aim at obliging multinational corporations to ensure good working conditions for people along global value chains. A key factor in bringing those laws to life is the empowerment of workers. We take a look at how digital tools and algorithmic prediction can contribute to (or hinder) that empowerment.
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