WeSahre Partner-Profil

WeShare is a 100% electric car sharing service in Berlin and Hamburg with 2,300 fully electric VW ID.3. When it comes to mobility service, we are far from finished, because we have good ideas and the resources to make them happen. We want to contribute to and help shape the positive future of our cities. The journey is the destination, towards shared electric mobility to more space, reduce noise and cut air emissions.

For new costuomers

As a partner of re:publica 22, we are here to share our mission with you and shape the future together. All new customers who register during re:publica 22 will receive a 20 euro credit with the code WESHARExREPUBLICA. In addition, you can use your WeShare to drive right up to the location and enjoy the advantage of our exclusive parking area. True to the motto: From your front door to re:publica 22 and back again.

The code can be redeemed until 19 June and is valid for 30 days after activation. In the WeShare app, go through the registration process until you reach the payment method section. Then tap on Redeem Voucher and enter the code. Important! The new customer code must be redeemed directly during registration, before the first journey.

More information: Website | Elektro Blog | WeShare Instagram | WeShare Facebook