10:00 - 11:00
[all day] Big Blue Labmobile: GIG & Communitere Mobile Makerspace

Short thesis

The Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) brings together innovation hub managers, makers, hackers and entrepreneurs from across the world at a sub-conference developed by re:publica. The Big Blue Labmobile is a mobile space for learning, hacking, making, and most of all for knowledge exchange and community building. It kicked-off during re:publica Berlin 2017 as part of the GIG Makerspace and went on a Road Trip organized by GIG and Communitere and connecting communities – all the way from Berlin to Thessaloniki.


Communitere is using it as part of their Mobile Resource Center to facilitate maker workshops with refugee and local communities all over Greece. And now the Big Blue is again going to be home to the makers at re:publica Thessaloniki!

Find out more about what Communitere is up to in Greece, take part in our workshops, make drawing robots from junk and let them drive about or make your own wearables at the GIG & Communitere Maker Space! Just find the Big Blue Labmobile in the yard!