The art of trolling

Short thesis

This opuscle, or talk as we will call it forthwith for ease of understanding, is not compiled from any work extant, but is a plain and candid narration of matter of fact, founded on many years experience. By its assistance any one may become an expert troller in a short time, which is the principal object in the endavours of the speakers.


Trolling is and always has been a pleasurable pastime of genteel and vulgar folk around the world. While some will only dabble in this sport briefly others will spend a lifetime perfecting it. The aim of this session is to give the audience an introduction to art of trolling - a brief history of its development, showcasing some of the masters of trolling and some excercises for the audience to practice and hone their trolling skills.

Historically some form of trolling has always been present in society. We will dig a little into this and how modern technologies radically changed the now widely used techniques of trolling. Through the excercises we hope to give the audience a better understanding of how trolling can disrupt everyday life in a productive manner  - showcasing skills of both the old masters and the new. We will tell the tales of how the biggest catch was made and show how the masters presented their prize.

We also want to give the audience a glimps into the mind of the troller - while some of the more ruthless trollers may have given this sport a bad name, it is often overlooked that many care deeply about their envorioment. For many open comunal spaces a responsible rate of trolling is necessary to sustain a healthy enviroment. Trolling, when done responsibly, will keep the ecosystem in balance.

Afterall, trolling is a fun sport for everybody!

Come join us!