12:30 - 13:30
AudioSpatial Storytelling & Speculative Tourism

Short thesis

Can we walk one city through the streets of another? Can we become tourists of our future cities by walking in them today?
We've been looking for Augmented Reality in the wrong places. Actually maybe we shouldn’t be looking for it at all, maybe we should instead listen. This talk would suggest AudioSpatial Storytelling through two walking projects and would encourage us to explore our futures beyond data-driven-predictions while using two ancient human features: our imagination and our legs.


We are surrounded by Oracles, mainly algorithmic ones, predicting and dictating our every move, crippling our political imagination. In that framework, what are the prospects for autonomy, creativity and leadership? Can we maintain this political freedom and still address the prophecies we cannot run away from? Most prominently climate change. How can we learn from art, poetry, science fiction? even tourism?

50 years after the war that reunited Jerusalem and further divided its residents, we look 50 years into the future and embark on multiple guided tours through Jerusalem’s futures. A (politically, ethnically, genderly, religiously...) diverse group of authors guide multiple audio tours through their own speculative future Jerusalems. Each tour features multiple locations in the future city. Our tour guides wrote and recorded audio guides for each of these locations. Each of the tours is available to our tourists through a dedicated mobile app. To discover the future, the tourists will have to physically visit each future tourist spot. Only then will the future tour unravel, exposing its unique speculative narrative.

How would elderly Mark Zuckerberg and family say goodbye to Jerusalem before leaving to Mars? Is the redemption really as desirable as we pray it is? How would a "birthright trip" for diasporas Palestinian youth might look like? What if we divided the city to over and under-ground? And maybe the messiah is not really a man? Or woman?

This talk would discuss the perils of data-driven-determinism and introduce the concept of audiospatial storytelling through two projects: You Are Not Here: A Tour of Gaza Through the Streets of Tel Aviv (2007) and Speculative Tourism: Audio Walks through the Futures of Jerusalem (2017).