13:45 - 14:45
Blockchain and the future of governance. Let’s overcome the hype and understand what can be done.

Short thesis

Nation states struggle to maintain political, economical and social equilibrium, in the face of global crises. The system of modern democratic governance is based on ideas of the late 17th century, formulated by John Locke and Baron de Montesquieu and cannot survive in the current form. Almost 400 years later, our society has evolved, but our constitutions haven’t. How can the peer-to-peer based Blockchain algorithm help create new and more reliable forms of governance? How do we get from BitCoin to BitNation?


Today Blockchain has become one of the most discussed value exchange protocols. It has not just the power to fundamentally transform the structure of our political, but also of our economical or resource-related system. Maybe algorithms of present and future Blockchains have the potential to become the constitutional foundations of how our future societies will be structured? Have we reached a paradigm shift, where democracy can be digitally mirrored and manage the balance between securing privacy, yet guaranteeing transparency on political decision making, lobbying involvement or budget allocation?

Andrea Bauer and Boris Moshkovits (D.DAY network) will speak with Shermin Voshmgir from BlockchainHub and Vinay Gupta of Ethereum Project to discuss the potential, the challenges and the feasibility of different use cases on how to apply the Blockchain protocol in peer-to-peer governance.