Blockchain Meet Up

Short thesis

The development and integration of blockchain technology is accelerating and is likely to have an impact on many different aspects of our lives. Yet the community can be very homogeneous. Let's change that! If you think you should know more about blockchain or you want to meet others involved in the field, come along! From activist to fintech enthusiast, everyone is welcome.


Blockchain technology does not only impact financial services but potentially many other aspects of public and private life. This meetup designed as a springboard for people from different backgrounds and interests to engage in the discussion.

  • What does decentralisation mean?
  • Who is driving adoption?
  • What does this mean for traditional and alternative models of finance?
  • How could the technology impact politics and society?

We are looking forward to discuss with you!


Jaya and Elias are actively engaged in the world of blockchain innovation and are in the process of establishing a think tank to contribute independent research to the broader community.