Build your future with LEGO!

Short thesis

The year is 2017 and things are ever-changing. Our work-life seems to be changing much faster than in the past. The way we work, communicate and collaborate is greatly affected by technology and other circumstances that make us rethink the way we do our everyday work. This is a workshop that aims to teach you how to think about your future in such a fast paced environment.


Greece is a country that has been experiencing major changes for the past few years and people are still struggling to adapt. Businesses and individuals are trying to be better digital citizens and get as much out of social media and technology as possible. Everyday we see new digital products and services being build to serve people better and restart the Greek economy. 

At the same time though, I see people being afraid of change and having a hard time taking decisions about their future. They seem to have a hard time to make a plan that will help them go where they want to go and improve their career. 

This is a workshop that aims to teach you how to think about your future in such a fast paced environment. 

Michael Porter who is the most cited author in business and economics said about strategy "Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs, it's about deliberately choosing to be different."

In this workshop I use gamification techniques to help analytical thinking, creative ideas and future planning. 

During my studies in Brighton, I studied business strategy and I designed a simple framework to show people how to make a plan in a few simple steps. The tool I use to deliver this workshop is LEGO, the famous bricks that kids use to build castles and dragons and bring their fantasy to life. 

LEGO will help us visualise our ideas and understand abstract concepts like strategy better. Another great thing that LEGO does is provide us with a safe tool and space where people feel can play around and create without the anxiety of performance. There is not right or wrong way to build a LEGO model and everyone has the same level of skill so there is no fear of failure. 

The three stages of the workshop will be: 

1) Analysis: On this first stage we talk about what are our strong parts and what are our weaknesses. We always need to have information that come from analysis in order to make solid decisions. 

2) Goal Setting: Where do we want to go? What are we trying to achieve in our life-job? Weneed to have a goal in order to make a plan to achieve it. 

3) Strategy - Plan: What is the strategy that will take us there? We need to come up with an idea on how to achieve this goal always keeping in mind our analysis. 

This is a very creative and hands on workshop for those that want to always improve and have a plan on how to improve their work and their strategic thinking. 

Suggested number of attendees is maximun 20. Attendees will be split in teams of five where they will share their ideas with each other and help them improve them. Each attendee will be given a certain amount of LEGO that they will be able to use to build their models. 

You can check all the talks and workshops I have delivered as well as quotes from people that have attended similar workshops of mine here: https://gamificationplus.uk/speaking-gamification-vasilis-gkogkidis/


Who the facilitator is:

Vasilis Gkogkidis works full time at GAMIFICATION+, a gamification company based in Brighton, UK. He is an international speaker, designer and trainer on gamification. He is also the official ambassador of GamFed (International Gamification Confederation) in Greece where he is trying to spread good practices on gamification and the organiser of the Thessaloniki Gamification Meetup. 

Speaking Page: https://gamificationplus.uk/speaking-gamification-vasilis-gkogkidis/

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