13:45 - 16:00
Build your own Cell Phone Charger!

Short thesis

Left your charger at home? Need to make a call? We can help you!
In this workshop we are going to learn to make a simple charger that can be hooked into different voltage sources to produce suitable voltage to charge your cell phone.


If by in any reason you find yourself at off-grid location, weather in a tour in Africa or researching in an off grid village, you would like to know how you can recharge your phone. You might have some source of power around you; your car or motorcycle battery, bicycle dynamo, solar panel or dry cells on a shop nearby, but they are not suitable for your phone. In this workshop we will learn to build a simple charger that can convert any of these sources into suitable voltages to charge your cell phone.


This session is part of the GLOBAL INNOVATION GATHERING programme.