16:00 - 16:45
#BuyTwitter – Can platform cooperativism save our favourite social network?


Twitter, our favourite social network, is for sale. And even if Disney or Salesforce aren't buying it, the prospect of Facebook jumping in doesn't make things better. 

Initialized by a Guardian article by Nathan Schneider and supported by a short piece on WIRED.de by re:publica's Johnny Haeusler, an international crowd of online enthusiasts and activists are working on the idea that Twitter might be something much more than a stock market driven company and that it could at least partially be run – and owned – by its users. A concept that's not new: User-driven companies can be found in Germany's newspaper "taz" or in Sports Clubs already. So why not own a Social Network?

At re:publica Dublin, Johnny Haeusler will be joined by some of the people working on this idea and he will talk to them about their individual perspectives and aims. And of course, the audience is very welcome to take part in the debate.


Resources and links to the discussion groups.