Caffeinated Making

Short thesis

"Would you like to go for a Coffee? But first, lemme take a quick selfie."
The oversimplified caffeine syllogism: The world relies on technology. Technology relies on geeks, and the geek relies on caffeine. The world therefore depends on coffee. Without coffee, would we have selfies?


Of coffee, tech, making, Singapore and #selfies. 

What's the difference between meeting over coffee versus meeting over a drink? Since the Age of Enlightenment we've made that social distinction. Then we had Cybercafe's which is an "All of this has happened before, and will happen again" type situation. Todays tech start-ups have been infamously linked with hipster culture, and it's not accidental that hipster cafe's are coffee joints. And now selfie-sticks are a thing. Coincidence?

Introducing the Caffeinator. The DIY gravity-powered cold drip coffee machine. Made from A result of, quite simply, being a geek.

Also introducing the #SelfieBooth: An IkeaHack that is (quite possibly) the worlds first and only Butt-Activated Instagramming selfie booth that happens to feature (quite possibly) the worlds most energy-efficient-high-definition-selfie screen. 

This is about how and why these two came to be a thing, how mass produced, ubiquitous, and "everyday things" can be combined to make something entirely new. 

Also a little about Asian culture and the growing maker community in Singapore, how the HackerSpaces have inspired MakerSpaces, and the other way round, creating an inter-disciplinary dynamic. Making fun things and making things fun. But, mostly about coffee and selfies.