20:30 - 21:00
Cannabis: The Next Disruption

Short thesis

More than a third of Americans live with fully legalized Cannabis, Canada will legalize Cannabis next year, and Germany just passed medical legalization in March.
Still, cannabis is one of the most controversial plants on the planet. Cannabis regulation is on a global path, but why is it viewed so differently in different countries? What does the Green-rush actually mean? In this session, these and more questions around cannabis will be explored.


Cannabis has touched most people’s lives at one point or another. Maybe as a way to rebel against parents, maybe as treatment during a disease, and yet, we know so little about the substance. Regardless, medical and recreational legalizatin is on a global path. In the US, the so called Green Rush has led to a legal cannabis market that is on pace to reach $20 billion by 2020. in 2018, Canada will fully legalize recreational cannabis, and now, Medical Cannabis has been legalized in Germany.

What does that mean for Germany as a healthcare pioneer? Is full legalization the next step? Why are different countries taking such different paths in regulating this plant? What does the future of cannabis look like? Hear how research, technology, and innovative marketing & advertising are forging this next big industry, and the surprising players being disrupted in the process.