16:15 - 16:45
Changing the face of learning

Short thesis

Learning technologies are the future of society. Some argue that they will become obsolete, but we believe that they will play a vital role in our daily lives. Learning technologies (or edtech) may not take the traditional application format on your mobile device in ten years, but instead, be integrated into your work life and personal life as wearable or even embedded devices.

We have seen a jump to virtual reality and augmented reality followed just a step behind. What is the future? An exploration of what we have learned and what we have to learn about learning and teaching in a digital age. A session for anyone interested in changing the face of learning.


Grown from a tweet, Learning Tech Labs is a prime example of the power of social media in the digital age. LTL is a community of Educators, L&D professionals, Entrepreneurs, Developers, Designers, and anyone interested in changing the face of learning. Created in December 2015 and run by volunteers, this community has grown to over 2000 members who benefit from free monthly meetings, to network, and to progress the industry forward.

Topics covered include Neuroscience, Machine Learning, Robotics, Design Thinking, Startups, Teaching Policies, and Maker Movements!

David will explore the learnings of the last 20 months, outline the power of one tweet, and share how you too can impact on the education scene in Ireland and abroad with your ideas through collaboration and passion!

Learn more about Learning Tech Labs: https://www.learningtechlabs.co/