[City tour] Digital & Creative Loop

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During re:publica we will be happy to show you around! You will have the chance to discover Thessaloniki's history and current vibe through two city tours. So walk with us and get in the loop!


In the Loop | premium curated walks is Thessaloniki's first self-guided tours app (android & iOS) and aims to create immersive experiences for the visitors of Thessaloniki. The routes, curated by local insiders and professionals, are specially designed to offer you an experience so unique as if we accompanied you in person. Choose a themed walk, manage your time and visit monuments, museums and other spots where you will receive a warm welcome by locals that look forward to meeting you. Being an In the Loop user also means special treatment! Our partners share our philosophy and we all join forces so that you can enjoy more with less during your visit.

Digital & Creative Loop

City tour: Getting to know digital & creative Thessaloniki 

Wednesday 13th, 12.00 - 15.00, Meeting point: in front of Ypsilon/ maximum 25 PAX

In the Loop aims to create immersive experiences for the visitors of Thessaloniki by bringing them in touch with the local community. Thessaloniki’s creative and digital community is active and has been growing fast in the last few years. Let’s walk together and meet some young individuals, teams and initiatives with innovative ideas, interesting projects and strong vision. Let’s get to know each other, discuss and share our ideas and experience to boost inspiration and build a new network!

Points of interest:

  • Ypsilon – a new creative space in town
  • Elektronio – a team who creates custom and handcrafted electric bicycles
  • Kipos – an open community of people who want to learn new things and share the things who already know
  • Point Blank – a design & Drupal web agency
  • Apodec – a design & Culture Boil Studio, an open platform which designs, cooks, hosts projects that get you closer to urban cultures and reveal your creativity
  • ArtBOX – a creative arts management office
  • Movvin – a real-time transportation & exploration leisure platform
  • Open Knowledge Foundation (Greece) – an open data initiative
  • Code it Like a Girl – a digital media collective that creates content intended to inspire people who self-identify as female to follow their dreams


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