Codemotion Berlin talk: Taking a bite from the Apple: beginner’s workshop for iOS App Development

Short thesis

In this fast paced world, people don’t conform with being only viewers, they want to also be makers. In this short workshop we will be hands-on with the development of a small iOS Application that will allow you to become confortable with the development tools and come up with your future app ideas.


In this fun session, we will go through three parts:

  • The first part is to show the conception of the idea, the market research and the sketching of the user experience.
  • The second part we will be hands-on with the creation of the user interface with Interface Builder in Xcode. We will show how easy it is to drag and drop elements into the canvas and how will they look once they are in the app.
  • The last part will be to show how we can create code actions that will link the view with what we are expecting our app to show.

It is necessary that the participants bring their Mac laptops with Xcode already downloaded, their chargers and their excitement to be able to create a new mobile app.