Codemotion Berlin Talk X Djangogirls: How House Cleaners can become Programmers

Short thesis

Who are these Djangogirls? What are all these initiatives focusing on increasing diversity in tech about? And how do you go from your house cleaning job to become a programmer?


Changing your path in life is not easy, but it is also not impossible. If you are excited about programming and software development there are plenty of people and communities around that are happy to help you with this. This talk focuses on introducing you to the Djangogirls community, an initiative that aims at bringing more women* into tech. Marie, a Djangogirls workshop participant, will tell you about how to take the first steps into that direction and then keep going. If you need some inspiration on how to develop yourself in a new area besides everyday life, how to go from hello world to getting your first public pull request merged or if you ever wanted to find out what all this fuss about diversity in tech is about, this talk will provide it for you.