A Community-Focused Camera @ Main Hall (Tue + Wed)

Short thesis

A camera's definition and focus is influenced by the community spirit that comes within its frame.



This installation creates a fresh dialogue between technological function and community action. As consumers, we are led to depend on technology to decide actions for us. We are led to trust technology. However, what if we can design for technology to be disrupted and influenced by our communal behaviours for more meaningful interactions? What if technology can only be functioning well in conjunction with a concerted effort by a community?

'A community-focused camera' tackles this space by subverting expectations of image-capturing applications.

(1) The camera, in its original state, is out of focus.

(2) The number of people that comes into its frame then determines its degree of focus.

(3) While over time, only a consistent collaboration of people within the frame will signal to the camera to finally capture a particular moment of community spirit.

An online gallery, showcasing short clip of every communal action that generated a finishing image, is available for reminiscence and reminder of the spirit of community.