14:15 - 14:45
The Connected Society: It's All About The People

Short thesis

We believe that the human element is the key to understanding the digital age. Not everybody shares the same experience with technology, or just life for that matter. But we can build bridges to the future across different experiences. Empower ourselves. And we can equip the civil society with tools to emancipate itself from deterministic narratives and exploitative tendencies. We can have nice things. We just need to make them so. Together.


We live in a digital age. But what does the digital age do to us and how can we adapt and help others cope with change still ongoing in a world full of networks and new forms of knowledge? Not just our environment has changed. Everyone who has been exposed to this digital experience thinks and behaves differently. "The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed" (Gibson).

We'd like to take you on a tour de force of sociology and media theory and introduce you to examples of how to write the future, instead of fighting it. Jakob is a media theorist and entrepreneur who builds experiences to fall in love with, Bea Möller is a documentary film maker who found ways to go around gate keepers and unite people behind an idea to create and finance new film projects, Uwe Lübbermann is a social entrepreneur who answers to no share holders, but lots of stake holders in building a social foundation for his premiumcola. We believe that new found experience of a networked society drives and enables new strategies to create and finance cool stuff, much more so than the technology itself.

Jakob will give you a quick introduction how shared experiences with new media technology eliminated barriers to engage with each other, even outside of said technology. Uwe will demonstrate how the willingness to interact with stakeholders eye to eye can lead to a whole new stream of information from which to develop business strategies and sustain a non-capitalist business in a capitalist market, hacking the economy. Bea will show you that people are really empowering themselves when they find each other and unite behind an idea to see it through, an idea that without a networked effort would have never been realized, because the gate keepers of old were not interested.

Our talk will reflect two fundamental principles of bringing people together to bring an idea to life: Make it accessible and make it nice. Be accessible and communicate things in a way that others, who do not share the same experience, education or world view, may still find some common ground for understanding. Be nice to others and make it not just easy for them to understand, but make it pleasant. Make it entertaining. Make it fun.