Crowdworking behind the screen – Clickworking & Labor Rights

Short thesis

Facebook-Ads by digital nomads can look rather enticing: earn an income outside of core working hours and daily stand-up meetings, flexible working hours from gig to gig –
crowdworking at its finest.


The less glamorous side of working digitally looks less rosy: a return to laissez- faire industrial working conditions, insufficient social safety nets and subjugation to maximum efficiency. In this panel, we will look at the partially hidden world of the Mechanical Turks, who strive to keep the internet the way we, as users, know it - free from barriers and interferences.

However, similar to the early Labor movement there are aspirations among digital workers to organise. This panel will address questions posed to labor markets and capitalism concerning new forms of labour:

  • How does Clickworking change the immaterial working world
  • How did the first members of Mechanical Turks come together in digital spaces?
  • How can we build a fair system in the future?
  • In which fields of work is Clickworking possible, useful, ethical? What are its prerequisites?


In cooperation with Hans-Böckler-Stiftung.