Data Noir: privacy as paradox in the smart city

Short thesis

Privacy is the freedom to selectively reveal oneself to the world. Do the citizens of a city have a right to privacy in public spaces? Will privacy survive in an age of surveillance, sensing devices and the smart city, or will it shift into an entirely new paradigm? If we lose privacy, what might we lose in the process? Can technology opt-outs be built into public spaces or does opting out paradoxically reveal oneself? And how might public policy address these issues?


We'll share some examples of prototyping strategies for privacy protection through fashion and technology from our Wearable Noir workshop in Geneva and facilitate a panel discussion with other invited speakers.



  • Heather A. Moore, The Shape of Things, Berlin (moderator)
  • Vinay Gupta, Hexayurt Project and Ethereum -  Translucent Databases 
  • Doerte Weig, Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology - Movement Research
  • Ashwin Rajan, Fabric - Anticipatory Spaces