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Digital Citizen Ireland

Short thesis

As our lives becomes increasingly mediated by technology, issues of data protection, privacy and surveillance are becoming ever more relevant to the general public.
Digital Citizen Ireland (digitalcitizen.ie) is a recently launched website and community which began life as a student project with the Digital Skills Academy in Dublin, Ireland. The site aims to promote an awareness of Digital Citizenship and Digital Access to a global audience.


With the continued movement of ever more public and private services onto the web, ICT literacy and digital access are becoming an increasingly important factor in the lives of the general public around the world.  At the same time, issues of data protection, privacy and surveillance which were once the domain of specialists and technologists, now affect each of us daily. 

DigitalCitizen.ie is a new website and community that aims to promote a awareness of Digital Citizenship in a age that is increasingly mediated by technology.  The site uses crowd-sourced content aggregation to raise awareness on topics of access, digital literacy, rights, responsibilities and netiquette though Reddit style up-voting.  The website was created as part of the Industry Partner programme with a student team from the Digital Skills Academy, Dublin, Ireland.