15:00 - 16:30
Digital security tips for journalists and protecting your sources and yourself

Short thesis

In an era when whistle-blowers are under attack from the authorities and your confidential sources are being compromised by state and private surveillance, how can journalists and the people who provide valuable information be protected? Journalists often fail to protect their information because encryption systems are complicated and not very friendly to non-technical users. So what’s to be done?


In this workshop you will learn the skills you need to easily protect yourself and your sources with encryption.

Encryption isn’t just for cybersecurity experts — it’s for everyday Internet users. In fact, you probably used encryption today without even realizing it. In this workshop, we will dig into the details of secure messaging protocols – to understand the threats against which they defend, and how cryptographic operations are combined to implement those defences in the protocol. 

This session has two main purposes:

  • Introduce how journalists can use encryption in their communication.
  • List common mistakes that they can avoid making

What are the requirements to participate?

  • Everybody that is interested in digital security

Before attending, you should make sure that

  • You have pen & paper to take notes.