Don't change the world, sing with the universe

Short thesis

Nature creates, and we are natural beings - we've traded creativity and collaboration in creating our environment for economies of scale. Hackerspaces starting in Europe and spreading all over the world inspire agency and community. I work in the Middle East on open source culture and I've seen NGO & governmental international development work that don't accomplish much. What lessons can we learn from nature to make the best use of our resources?


How about NOT changing the world?

The Global Innovation Gathering happening at Republica brings together wonderful people who support the unlocking of creative potential around the world. I've spent years supporting the development of hackerspaces in Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, India and beyond. Recently govornments have taken note and have started to invest in what some are calling the "Maker Movement". The White House had a Maker Faire this year and the US embassy recently sponsored a Mini Maker Faire in Cairo. With fresh support from large institutions and governments I believe it's time to take stock and reflect before we allow the expectations of the old gaurd to shape the movement. 

What is special about how the world is changing right now? I believe it is time for the Hackerspaces, iHubs, FabLabs, Makerspaces, of the world to put down our tools and stop writing grant proposals and start asking these questions: "What should we make?" and "Where are we going?"

Singing with the universe is a metephor about how I answer those questions. I no longer consider changing the world and instead I focus on using my life to making things a little more beautiful. I'm looking for my band, where you at?