13:00 - 13:30
EMEA Internet Observatories – The case of Cyprus

Short thesis

This is a humble attempt to set-up a network of Internet Observatories in Southeast Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. The purpose is to collect and analyze data, and routes of data through EMEA, in order to promote evidence based policy making. In this workshop we present the http://hack66.info/observatory findings of Internet censorship in Cyprus, introduce tools for detecting network interference, and invite collaborators to help expand the measurement collection and analysis to different jurisdictions.


The hack66.info/observatory is an initiative aiming to establish an independent Internet interference observatory for Southeast Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. Involved participants currently reside in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, and the UK.

An analysis of the way Internet censorship is implemented in Cyprus raised a lot of concerns with regard to the lack of transparency, the detection of advanced surveillance middle-box equipment, the potential gathering of identifiers of netizens who visit censored content etc. In addition, we have observed profound differences in the Internet jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkey and Greece.

In this session we are planning to share our findings and the methods we used for collecting and analyzing Internet measurements collected with tools like OONI.torproject.org. We believe that Cyprus and Thessaloniki are well-connected "transport hubs" that could serve as the physical space for collaborations that work on this area, and we would like to invite individuals and groups to join this effort.