11:15 - 12:15
Enhancing the intangible cultural heritage of a city with audiospatial storytelling

Short thesis

Since UNESCO acknowledged and defined intangible cultural heritage in 2003, a deeper appreciation has been developed on oral and sound expressions to be inherited from the older generations to the next. At the same time, cities are like a live soundtrack, narrating diverse yet beautiful stories of human thrives and struggles, while walking from one place to another.


In a constant evolving world, can a city by itself be a storyteller and deliver the wisdom of its history to its citizens and visitors? How cultural heritage can be re-purposed through augmented reality in order to engage the next generation of millennials? Can new cultural concepts be created to promote a city’s placemaking?

This talk will introduce two projects of audiospatial storytelling and will encourage us to explore our future cities beyond data-driven-predictions, but through echos and enhanced audio tours.