19:00 - 19:30
FashionTech VIII: Sustainability & wearable LEDs

Short thesis

Two talks: "Better Choices – Fashiontech & Sustainability" & "Finally solved – Sewing LEDs to Textiles"


Mike Betts: Better Choices – Fashiontech & Sustainability

How technology is bringing sustainability to the fashion industry. Mike will present the world’s most sustainable garment, and show which trends and technologies have the potential to re-define the way we think about fashion in the future.

Rene Bohne: Finally solved – Sewing LEDs to Textiles

In the past years, it became easy to sew three LEDs to a microcontroller on a T-Shirt. But if you are using more LEDs, you still face many problems. This talk gives a short overview of wearable technologies that I used since 2008 and I will present a new solution called WEAR-LEDS, that saved my latest project.