Female is not a Genre - about decentralization of the music industry

Short thesis

A talk about how the decentralization of the music industry is a good this for gender equality and diversity in general. Roxanne de Bastion shares personal experiences of what it looks like to be an independent, female artist in 2016 and what the artist community is doing to reclaim the power.


At last year's major UK music festivals Reading and Leeds, over 89% of acts were all-male lineups. This reignited the debate about gender inequality in the arts and prompted Roxanne de Bastion to share her own experience as a young woman in the ever changing music industry. “Female is not a Genre” takes a look at key statistics, includes personal, first- and secondhand stories (some funny, some cringe-worthy) and explores what is and what should be happening to further gender equality. Will the rise of independent artists, labels and the decentralisation of the music industry, in the form of innocation such as blockchain, aid gender and equality in general? Let's listen to an independent artist and find out!