Lightning Talk
FotoOto, The first photo app that lets blind people really participate in Social Media

Short thesis

There are more than 285 mio. Visually handicapped people worldwide. For them, Social Media is a major instrument to interact with others. The problem: Social media communication gets more and more visually affected. We wanted to use technology to overcome this problem.

Hence we create the first picture format that is accessible for all people and combines information and emotion: The photo App FotoOto.


The session wil present idea, concept and technological background of the FotoOto app.

We will explain in depth what this new format is made of: a picture, a descriptive text, sound-design that is generated automatically from the color information and on topp of that some personal statement of the photographer.

We will show uses cases, we will demonstrate how this new app can change social media for the visually impaired and let the participants experience a total new way of photography. 


This session is part of the re:health track, which is powered by BARMER.