18:30 - 19:00
Statement Talk
Garbage Environment Design

Short thesis

A two weeks journey of upcycling took place in Palestine and offered a shared experience to six students - An intercultural, interdisciplinary team from Germany, France, and Palestine, created an exhibition about upcycling products and against throwaway culture.


Our session will be about the shared experience we made and the experience we gained from each other in a very short, but also very intense time period. It is about the way we created art, our different ways of thinking about each artifact and how we started to see waste in the streets from a totally different perspective, realizing how we can reduce expenses of buying things, how we can reduce waste and empower ourselves to just “make”. We wanted to show that garbage and waste is a global problem, not just a Palestinian. Through upcycling, we paid our respects to the old things and saw them as building material rather than garbage. We merged different things to create beautiful designs and raise awareness for the global issue and gave them a new meaning and purpose. In our journey, we traveled through Palestine visiting factories that recycle plastic for production and visited cultural sites to understand the context in which we moved and worked together.  We want to talk about our future plans about the importance of raising awareness for upcycling, empowerment and throwaway culture. Saving the environment from unnecessary human behavior and pay respect to the gap between developed and underdeveloped countries in waste treatment. We call for collaboration to enable social impacts on the issue and show the advantages upcycling can have on personal finance and the environment.