The Geek Culture In China

Short thesis

The past decade has witnessed a boom of geeks and geek culture in China. With the global resource relocation brought by the Internet to the world, Chinese geeks are no longer a minority hidden in the laboratory or library, who bury themselves with impractical knowledge. Thanks to the fast growth of internet and technology, they have found a new significance in Chinese society and a new approach to communicate with their country and the world, including Europe.
As geeks began to influence more Chinese people, especially within their own age group, the mindset of China's young generation becomes aggressively open. The width and depth of this open mindset is unprecedented. The internet empowered the young people and made them brave, even reckless in certain circumstances.
All in all, the emergence and boom of geek culture in China has created a major impact on social progress, from technology innovation to social and cultural thinking. Like Europe, the geeks in China will integrate and interact even further with the outside world, and some fundamental challenges they face are increasingly similar to their European counterparts.


In this session, Jack Zhang, the founder of GeekPark, will give a keynote speech about how geek culture evolved in China in the past decade, and about how technology changes the lives of young people and liberates them.