17:30 - 18:00
The Great Wall: Media in Western and Eastern Europe

Short thesis

While travelling the Balkans, I often notice how backward much of the media coverage is, despite having all the opportunities and the consciousness to offer a more sophisticated reporting. The publications don't live up to the niveau they could. At the same time, brilliant newspapers like "Feral Tribune" can't survive financially. This session is discussing how the work of journalists from the Balkans can be linked with the work of those in the rest of Europe.


The aim of this session is to discuss how the vital work of talented journalists in the Balkans can be promoted beyond national boundaries, and which joint projects can help improve the network of the European media to create publications that are transnational and European-wide on an equal footing.

The presence of South-Eastern European media, also in the social networks, in Western Europe is virtually zero; publications from the Balkans should be able to inspire the media in the rest of Europe in order to counteract a West-East divide.

Thessaloniki could not be more suitable for such an exchange: the "gate" to the Balkans connects East with West, past with future, a still precarious social situation with cultural wealth.