11:15 - 11:45
How to close the loop – A discussion about the circular fashion industry

Short thesis

“Circular fashion” is based on the principles of a circular economy and involves the entire life-cycle of it’s products, from design and sourcing, to production, transportation and storage, marketing and sales, the user phase: including reuse, repair and redesign, and finally to material recycling or disposal. Circular fashion is an innovative vision that rethinks every part of the fashion industry and it's production chain. But will it really mean the end of the hyper-consumerist fast-fashion model, or will it be merely a green product improvement by the industry to keep up with the changing demands of their consumers?


In this discussion, we are investigating the possibilities to make the fashion industry circular. We explore different innovative materials, how textiles are grown in biolabs, how to design a circular fashion collection that is ready for high street, and discuss how and if "circular" is going to change the fashion industry for good.