18:30 - 19:30
How to make music from deepspace, wall street or biofeedback

Short thesis

Is it possible to translate the old Greek idea of having no distinction between art and science (maths in particular) into a contemporary musical context? How can one, as an electronic musician, integrate recent advances in theoretical physics such as the in quantum gravity, a critical approach towards our current Wall Street driven economy or new evolutions in artificial intelligence in his or her artistic practice? In this talk we will give a practical roadmap of how all this can be realized.


In this talk Dr Valery Vermeulen will give an overview and insight in the several ways he uses to combine both his passion for music and mathematics in several multimedia projects. The ideas and techniques will hereby be presented by the means of three concrete projects; EMO-Synth project, Krystal Ball and Mikromedas. With the EMO-Synth project Vermeulen's work is situated in the area of interactive multimedia where automatically generated sound and music systems are directed by the emotional responses of the user. In the Krystal Ball project, an interactive multimedia system where the mechanisms that caused the financial credit crisis, stochastic and algorithmic music generation and the work of pioneer I. Xenakis, plays a central role. With his most recent project entitled Mikromedas focus is set on the innovative uses of data from space and (deep) space as new tools form music composition and performance.