How is Technology Innovation Driving Changes in China?

Short thesis

New ways of thinking and creative applications of technology innovation, as a set of genes, are being planted into various fields in China. They provide a new lens to see and think about the reshaping of many industries, and corresponding influences over city, society, economy, and environment – higher efficiency, more added-value, upgraded consumption led by new products & services, etc.


Technology innovation in China has become a center of propelling power, continuously expanding its influence over other facets of the society and inspiring exciting changes – more job opportunities, increasing consciousness of environment, growing cultural consumption, higher social satisfaction, etc. China is undergoing an unprecedented integrated transformation driven by technology innovation.

GeekPark, one of the most prominent technology media in China, is going to show you a microcosm of Chinese technology innovation by delving into representative stories of three pioneering innovators. With different specializations(bicycles, sports entertainment, audio, IoT), what do they think about their fields? What have they done to change the industry? What influences have they brought over the society via their products or services? And How do they envision future possibilities and opportunities?

With GeekPark, from a new perspective, rediscover China and rethink potential collaboration between Europe and China.

Main Topics:

The Rising Geek Culture and Tech Innovation By Jack Zhang, Founder & President, GeekPark

From a Bicycle Fanatic to a Bicycle Maker: to Bring Chinese with a City Life on Bicycles By Xiangdong Zhang, Founder & CEO, 700Bike

More than “a Chinese ESPN” By Feng Shan, Director of Industrial Design, Letv Sports

Smart Vintage: A Story about Radios By Dejun Zeng, Founder & CEO, Airsmart Audio

Disrupt or Liberate: the Influence IoT Makes on Chinese Traditional Business By Ying Ruan, CEO, Bright Beacon