Short thesis

IF BY WATER is a silent video installation, running on a loop, and projected into an enclosed space. The flickering abstraction incorporates thousands of unique and found images of water, as it makes itself felt in the world, and a flood of themes to which it gives rise.


IF BY WATER is a silent video installation projected onto the brick wall inside Labore:tory in Kühlhaus (Stage L2). The piece is entrancing and unnerving, beautiful but flickering. There is no all-encompassing viewpoint of the piece; there is no correct perspective. The piece is always changing and there are ghosts of things happening that are hard to distinguish from illusion.

The piece combines thousands of original still photographs of water with found archival photographs related to water and occasional silhouetted shadows passing through. Gentle nods to natural beauty, motion, surveillance, human agency, and time. 


Explore the video installation IF BY WATER on the second floor @labore:tory during the whole #rp17.