Innovation, Internet Access & Dengue Fever: Looking at Pakistan’s complex digital communications landscape

Short thesis

Pakistan is a country of 200 million people, with 70 percent of it's population under 30 years of age. With 25 million children currently out of school, creating jobs to accommodate these children when they enter the workforce is a big challenge facing Pakistan. Depending on how the government forms digital communications policies, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) arena could either be a savior or another lost opportunity towards economic growth in Pakistan.


Given that Pakistan is the country credited with taking down Youtube for viewers from all around the globe in 2008, it isn't surprising that access to they video sharing website from within the country is blocked since September of 2012. With an ongoing war on it's western front, certain websites and occasionally cellular services are regularly taken down in the country in the name of national security. Even with such a backdrop, from tech startups to government departments using technology in creative ways, there is a lot going on in the digital communications landscape in Pakistan. 

This fireside chat will discuss innovations happening in the tech space in Pakistan, and talk about the challenges and opportunities associated with ICT growth in the country. 

This session is a part of the GIG programme.