14:15 - 14:45
Kinshasas Robocops soon in Berlin? - Digital Africa

Short thesis

Robocop is a robot regulating traffic in Kinshasa and part of the multi-platform project “Digital Africa”, which presents digital innovations from Africa.


Berlin has more than 2000 traffic lights – but no Robocops: Robocops are 3-meter high robots, regulating traffic in Kinshasa.  And hopefully one Robocop is soon coming to Berlin – as part of our project on digital innovations in Africa.

“Digital Africa” is a multi-platform project about digital innovations including a documentary film for ARTE TV, a web clip series, a webpage - and the building of a Robocop in Berlin. The documentary, shot in a road movie style, will be presenting the African innovation scene. The web series will bring them to Germany - by animation artist Ebele Okoye. And one project, Kinshasas robot, will hopefully come to Berlin in real. There is also a GIG hosted webpage for information.

It’s an ongoing project, which will be launched in 2018. To be able to present the most inspiring digital projects, we are still looking for input and would like to meet with people interested in sharing their innovative projects in Africa with us after this short session.