Law, meet science – policies for open science in Europe

Short thesis

An increasing number of researchers and science enthusiasts are pushing for a greater openness in science and research. Yet, Europe severely lacks policies to enable such a shift as governments still trail behind researchers’ and citizens’ demands for openly accessible and usable scientific knowledge. How can we, Europeans, change this and make science more participatory?


Opening up scientific knowledge and research processes is yet to gain the same popularity as opening up software. Yet, a more transparent and participatory scientific research is not just a nerd's latest fad. Opening up science is the only means to ensure reproducibility, ethics and faster progress.

During this session, the concepts of open and citizen science will be addressed through the lenses of European policy making. A special attention will be drawn to the access to publications and research data, and what challenges we as Europeans face when trying to opening them up. With privately held editors enclosing publicly funded research productions, opening up scientific publications equates to restoring everyone’s right to read. We thus wish to engage participants in a constructive discussion aiming at improving relevant European policies.

We intend to build upon efforts deployed by researchers and civil society to open up scientific knowledge and to address the possible ways through which anyone can get involved in advocating for better and more progressive policies.