12:30 - 13:30
Learn how to code with Arduino and the Garoa Dojo Shield

Short thesis

Learning how to code can be much easier when you can see, touch and feel what you are coding. In this electronics and programming workshop designed for total beginners, we will go through a series of simple challenges that develop on top of each other and build a small snake-like game influenced by the physical world.


Learning how to code may sound like a nightmare to many non-tech people. Put electronics on top of that and we've got a zombie apocalypse. This workshop will prove them wrong. Learning programming and electronics at the same time can be easier and more fun.

The workshop will go through the process of setting up, programming and plugging electronic components to an Arduino, an open source hardware platform that makes hardware design and prototyping accessible to everyone. It is now used by hackers, designers, artists and teachers all over the world in all sorts of electronic endeavors.

On top of Arduino we will put Garoa Dojo Shield, a didactic board developed by and named after Garoa Hacker Clube, a hackerspace in São Paulo, Brazil. The board is composed of basic electronic components such as an LED display, a knob, a light sensor and a header for expansion. By writing code that drives and is driven by electronic components, we will build a simple interactive game while learning basic concepts of electronics and programming.

15 participants maximum, please sign up at the GIG makerspace. Sign up sheet will be available from the start of Day 1. Please come 10 mins before workshop. *Participants should bring their own laptops*