Making Colour Move: E-insects

Short thesis

You know the tiny thing that makes your phone vibrate? Stick a tiny battery to the tiny vibration motor to a tiny toothbrush and you have a (yes, tiny) little insect that moves around on its own.
Join in on the colour and movement at the GIG MakerSpace, pick from collected e-waste and re-purpose bits to make an electronic insect, make it move, add some colour, leave your mark.


Making things move. 

Repurposed electronics; vibration motors, LEDs, buzzers, light and sound sensors with a handful of transistors to make insect-like creatures: vibrobots / bristlebots. Add-on paper-clips, rubber-bands and other common stationety to make it cute, wierd, scary, fuzzy or just make it yours.

These little bots are easy to make and they follow their own paths, glue on a whiteboard marker and leave a trail of your creature across the white-board table.

Note: 15 participants maximum, please sign up at the GIG makerspace.  Sign up sheet will be available from the start of Day 1. Please come 10 mins before workshop.

Vielen Dank and many thanks to Bürklin for their awesome sponsorship of the hardware used in this workshop!