17:30 - 18:30
Mapping Public Intensities – Emerging tools for critical urban practices

Short thesis

The Mapping Public Intensities group is investigating the capacity of emerging mapping practices not only to experiment with innovative tools for representing socio/spatial configurations, but also to create new politically engaged forms of hybrid, augmented public spaces.


We argue that mapping today has significant constructive potential for the commons. On the other hand, techno-enthusiastic visions, magnifying the emancipatory role of ICT, tend to neglect the potential threat to the public sphere and commodification of social interactions. Our project aims to compile an "Active Atlas" analyzing and connecting activist-based community mapping projects that propose alternative and critical views of the city of Berlin.

The workshop will introduce and discuss a number of current mapping initiatives in Berlin, comparing their approaches, aims and experiences.

Participants are:

  • Sharing Berlin (crowd-sourced map seeking to aggregate and categorize initiatives that are representing and actively contributing to the sharing economy in Berlin)
  • INURA New Metropolitan Mainstream (critical, collaborative, international researcher and activism project seeking to analyze current urban trends in a comparative manner)
  • Orangotango Kollektiv (activist project using critical mapping as a tool to question dominant perspectives and to support transformative community based activities)
  • GentriMap (public scientific tool identifying gentrification and revealing statistical data at neighborhood level)


After a short pecha-kucha-presentation of each project we will open the discussion to the audience to create an atmosphere of open exchange of experiences and ideas. The aim of our workshop is to understand the role of maps in current urban contexts and to generate new perspectives on and suggestions for mapping tools with the capability to promote grassroots activities in our cities.

Moderation and organization by the Mapping Public Intensities group: Eleanor Chapman, Lorenzo Tripodi, Stefan Göllner, Carlo Venegoni, Jan Lindenberg, Barbara di Gregorio and Enrica Longo (www.m-pi.org).

Ilyse Magy will discuss mapping and the intersections of physical and mental space for a city's inhabitants, and how crafting collective experience can begin to knit these together.