Me, you and everyone we don’t know (yet) : a Building Diversity Workshop

Short thesis

There is a pronounced lack of diversity in open & tech-savvy communities and ultimately this lack of diversity leaves us weaker.

In this first installment in a series of Building Diversity workshops, we will explore discrimination and barriers to inclusion that exist within our digital communities and encourage participants to move beyond their preconceived notions on what diversity looks and feels like. We are all blind to some forms of exclusion and in this workshop, we will take the blinders off, move beyond gender, and learn from each other about how we can break down barriers and build truly diverse and inclusive communities - both online and off.

The workshop will draw the path to actions that participants will then be able to take in their own community both individually and as groups. Documentation of outcomes and a platform to keep collaborating both offline and online will be set up for participants to keep working towards greater diversity.


This workshop is designed to facilitate the exchange of controversial ideas on diversity and inclusion, fueling a constructive debate. The goal is to strengthen the group’s ability to tackle challenges and be inspired and prepared to go forth into the world and demolish barriers to inclusion and build diverse digital communities.

For this to happen, we invite participants to join in creating the most diverse of the working groups: people from different countries, cultures, religions; with different opinions; with any sexual, political, philosophical preference; unemployed, on social benefits, academics, politicians, civil servants. We also very much welcome diversity of languages: the main workshop language is English, but we’re happy to try to translate in a few languages we know – please ask us at the beginning of the session.

We will draw on the expertise in the room to collectively discuss controversial points of view, identify blockers and debate policies and practices.

We’ll close the session with a round-up of learnings and thoughts about concrete next steps towards action, both at an individual and at a community level.

Building Diversity is a group facilitating the creation of strategies and actions to challenge the lack of diversity in digital communities. Breaking boundaries since 2014.