15:00 - 16:00
Mobile Activism in Africa


The spread of mobile technologies has opened new opportunities for social and political activism in Africa. During the past years, the world has witnessed the spread of innovative tools around the world, developed in Africa. Crowdsourcing tools such as Frontline SMS and Ushahidi have attracted international media attention and are being used by organizations around the world today. This is a true shift in paradigm away from the classical model of technologies from the west being brought to Africa to foster development.

Who are the people developing and using such solutions in Africa? What impact does the spread and use of such tools have – for instance on making information available, mobilizing for campaigns and political actions? Two experts will share their experiences and thoughts on these questions: Sokari Ekine does not only write one of the most read blogs written by a woman in Africa, but is also editor of the book “SMS Uprising – Mobile Activism in Africa”. She will present the case studies and contents of this work and share insights from her own blogging experience in Nigeria. Victor Miclovich is one of the developers in the Ushahidi team and currently developing a new innovation: Swift River – a crowdsourcing tool to verify news and information which he will present at the re:publica.