16:00 - 17:00
Mobile FabLabs Meetup

Short thesis

There are so many Innovation Hubs, Labs and Makerspaces around the world - most of them in big cities. But the magic of co-creation happens in rural areas as well - we just don't know about it. In this meetup, different mobile lab projects will present their ideas and experiences and discuss the best ways to get innovation on the road.


The German Fab-Mobil plans to create mix between the A-TEAM van and the Batmobile and drive to the most remote corners to share the world of DIY electronics and making with students, pensioners and village dwellers. The Labmobile plans to travel through rural Africa. In this session the different projects will meet and discuss

  • Where do you want the mobile lab to go?
  • What do people in the rural areas of your country want and need?
  • How is connectivity to the Internet - is that even necessary?
  • And of course, most importantly: Would you like to come along for a while?